Croatia charter destination – Dubrovnik

The most stunning Croatia charter destination is a gorgeous city of Dubrovnik.The city was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979 as a city of exceptional culture and history.

The medieval Dubrovnik center is surrounded by 1,970 meters of city walls that over the centuries played important role in city protection from various threats, and are today the city’s greatest attraction. The Pila Gate and the Ploča Gate are connected by the main avenue, Stradun, and form the entry and exit points to the city walls as well as its museums and theater scene. The city history is well worth exploring: Dubrovnik’s diplomacy in the period of the republic was so developed that it was able to maintain its freedom despite Venice and the Ottoman Empire aspirations right until Napoleon finally gained control in 1809.

The most important cultural manifestation of the city is famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It is the largest and most representative cultural event, not only in Dubrovnik, but all over the Croatia. It is held since 1950 and lasts every year from July 10th to August 25th. The grand opening of the festival takes place in famous street Stradun in front of the palace Sponza with the sounds of hymns to freedom and raising the flag at Orlando’s Column.

Dubrovnik restaurants offer alluring menus with a focus on fish and seafood, in particularly oysters from Ston, a nearby city on the Peljesac peninsula. You might enjoy, as it goes very well with the meal, a glass of Posip, a golden-colored Croatian white wine.

Number 1 of Croatia’s best-hidden beaches with kicking nightlife is Dubrovnik plat beach. This tiny beach is a splendid oasis of beautiful landscapes. The beach hardly has any shade, so a sun umbrella is a must to provide some shelter and a little privacy. In the evening, head to the best restaurants and clubs in Croatia that are nearby.