Marina Martinis Marchi on island Šolta
Croatia charter destination – Solta

Solta is a small island and one of the most popular charter destinations on the Adriatic. The island has preserved natural and cultural heritage and it is known as the oasis of peace. The island Solta is sufficiently undiscovered and it holds numerous charms despite the obvious lack of larger urban settlements. Enjoy the pebbly beaches surrounded by shady forest. Solta is the ideal choice for families with children, but also for adventurers who want to explore the many quite bays of the island. Relax on the private yacht, swim, snorkel or fish in Solta bays.

The most  popular place in the island for sailors is Maslinica. The aristocratic family Marchi built their castle with towers to defend from frequent pirate’s attacks back in Venetian period. Nowadays, there is a small but modern marina, which is part of a luxury boutique hotel situated in impressive Martinis-Marchi castle overlooking the bay.