Croatia charter destination – Vis

Vis is quiet and charming Croatia charter destination. The  visitors of Vis can see the rich remains of Issa the largest ancient Greek colony. The island is characterised by heavenly untouched nature,  clear sea, sandy and pebble beaches. Numerous coves present true peace oasis. The island is also decorated with gorgeous Renaissance holiday homes of the then aristocracy and the churches they commissioned. More recent history is mirrored in the many military forts. Vis was off limits to foreigners which had an excellent effect on the preservation of the island’s nature. Vis is  nowadays described as the best preserved island in the Mediterranean.

Make shore to visit famous beach Stiniva. In addition to Vis, do visit the islands surrounding it, as well as the popular island Bisevo.  The great Blue Cave,one of the most unique natural phenomena in the world, will be a highlight of your holiday. The rays of sun that penetrate through the only crack into the cave are reflected in the sea, creating incredible light effects in the interior of the cave so that  the sea appears to be in silver blue colour. Near Vis there is another natural phenomenon, the Green Cave. Besides Bisevo, there are other two islands, Jabuka and Brusnik, they are Croatia’s only volcanic islands. We recommend to try famous Viska pogaca, a flat cake with sardines and wash it away with a glass of its most famous wine, Vugava, which is cultivated around the town of Podspilje.