Island Lastovo
Croatia charter destination -Lastovo

The most impressive Croatia charter destination is Lastovo. Its surrounding archipelago consists of 46 islands. This is a perfect destination for lovers of nature and sailing. The Nature Park encompasses Lastovo and Susac islands, as well as the small archipelagos Lastovnjaci and Vrhovnjaci. The medieval town of Lastovo is a protected cultural monument because of its unique renaissance architecture. The city is invisible from the open seas and tucked away in a natural amphitheatre. The entire island abounds in cultural and historical heritage. While staying on Lastovo, see the remains of the Illyrian buildings, numerous sacral monuments and villae rusticate from the Greek and Roman era. The most famous church is the parish church of St. Kuzma and Damjan from the 15th century.

Also, you can climb on the highest peak Hum and enjoy the astonishing view of the entire islands and numerous islets which surround it. From the gastronomy point of view you can enjoy in its wine, olive oil and in various sea delicacies especially in one of the oldest custom like sardines on skewer, eel stew, grilled moray and in sweets like fritters.