Croatia sailing trip 7 days in Middle Dalmatia

Cata Sailing team offers you a Croatia sailing trip of 7 days in Middle Dalmatia. The Coasts here have all what anyone needs for spending a good time during the charter week in Croatia. No doubt  that you will be pleased with great weather and warm clear sea. Furthermore at any place you stop with the boat in Dalmatia you will meet friendly people who are willing to help tourists. This part of Dalmatia will charm you with its vibrant islands and beautiful historic cities. And of course everyone knows Dalmatian freshest seafood and gorgeous wines. Sailing along this coast you will be amazed by the seaside towns and villages nestling in the lash of   pine trees. During the trip you will also discover unique cities like Split the second largest city of Croatia, Trogir a UNESCO world heritage site and Hvar the St. Tropez of Croatia.

When it comes to island hopping our route sets you off discovering middle Dalmatia islands most famous attractions as well as hidden gems – from large islands like Hvar and Brac with their bustling towns and marinas to peaceful Vis and its delightful green interior. We hope you’ll experience the joy of summer sailing in Croatia while cruising the suggested route as well as spend an unforgettable charter week.



Places to visit:
  • Trogir

    Trogir is not only the location of our charter base but also a UNESCO protected world site of rich history and culture which makes it great start point of any sailing crew off to discover mid Dalmatia aria. This is one of the oldest and most touristic cities in the Adriatic coast founded 2 300 years ago and formatted trough the years by Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. Be shore to visit the most interesting Trogir sites, Cathedral of St. Lawrence, city Hall, the town gate, Ćipiko place and Kamerlengo fortress, before you set sails to discovering the middle Dalmatia islands.

  • Brač

    Brač is the largest island of the central Dalmatian group of islands, the third largest and the highest among Adriatic island. It is separated from the mainland by the Brac Channel, from the island of Solta by the Split Gate and from the Island Hvar by the Hvar Channel. The island is most known for its beach Zlatni rat in Bol, covered with fine sand, included on the list of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The triangular shaped beach with prominent peak in the sea changes direction depending of the current. One of the best protected bays of the island and also very popular for sailors is Lučice located near the village of Milna, in the western part of the island. The cove has five endings in which you can always find a decent shelter from the wind.

  • Hvar

    Hvar, Croatia sunniest island is lately frequently referred as the St. Tropez of Croatia as it has become widely popular with the world jet set. The town is buzzing most nights from May to September while it’s still rather quiet in winter. Besides of its nightlife the city of Hvar also prides it self with rich cultural and historic heritage so don’t miss out on visiting Hvar’s cathedral, the fortress, Franciscan and Dominican monastery. Trademarks of the island are vast lavender fields, vineyards and olive oil trees.
    Most visitors to Hvar Town, especially the ones on sailing holidays, head to the Pakleni Islands. The archipelago is composed of 21 islands with beautiful hidden beaches and deserted lagoons. The most famous beach is Palmižana beach situated on the island Klement.

  • Vis

    Vis, is one of the most quickly growing Croatia’s tourist destination as it has  been recently discovered again by world wide tourists. As the island was proclaimed a military zone back in the 1944 it remained inaccessible to all foreigners until 1989. Due to this isolation the islands nature beauties remained untouched so you’ll sorely enjoy exploring the vineyards, beautiful beaches, hidden bays and local gastronomy. Don’t miss out on discovering Zaglav, beautiful sandy beach located at the south-eastern coast of Vis island.

  • Biševo

    The Island of Biševo, 5 nautical miles away from Komiža, is a very popular tourist destination thanks to its rare natural phenomenon, the Blue cave. The rays of sun that penetrate through the only crack into the cave are reflected in the sea, creating incredible light effects in the interior of the cave so that  the sea appears to be in silver-blue color. Near Vis there is another natural phenomenon less famous but still amazingly beautiful – the Green Cave. The cave is situated on the south side of Island Vis on the island Ravnik and we warmly recommend visiting it as well.

  • Komiža

    Komiža, the most picturesque fishing settlement in Croatia, is situated on the western side of Vis. The village has a  bowling hall and a paragliding club. You can also enjoy many other sports and water activities such as diving, sailing, swimming, horse riding, walking, jogging and other.

  • Šolta

    Šolta is the smallest and the closest to mainland of all bigger Middle Dalmatian islands. The island is famed for its natural beauty olives, honey and wine. Sesula is a small and quiet bay well protected from the wind and very well positioned. This is one of the most visited bays of the western part of the island of Solta. It is situated in the south of Maslinica, between the port of Maslinica and Marinca bay. The bay is ideal for relaxing on boat, swimming, snorkeling and fishing. The mooring is possible in the extreme northeastern part of the bay at the depth of 7 m.

  • Krknjaš

    Krknjaš is located just 7 nm from old town Trogir and our charter base which is why we recommend it as a place to spend the final night of your charter. The place is not only practical due to its vicinity but also beautiful as the sea is of amazing turquoise blue. In this bay you’ll be able to enjoy traditional Dalmatian cuisine as a cult Dalmatian tavern, with an excellent selection of fresh seafood and authentic Dalmatian dishes is near by.